In Salon

           Bride Consult/Trial  £50 per hour Level 3-6 Stylist, £55 per hour Level 7

Bride Extra Trial  £45 per hour Level 3-6, £50 per hour Level 7

Wedding Party & Bridesmaid Trial   £45 per hour per person Level 3-6, £50 per hour Level 7

Wedding Party & Bridesmaid Extra Trial  £40 per hour per person Level 3-6, £45 per hour Level 7

On the Wedding Day

Bride  £55 Level 3-6 Stylist, £60 Level 7

Wedding Party  & Bridesmaid Hair Up  £50 per person Level 3-6, £55 Level 7

Wedding Party Shampoo and Finish  £30 per person Level 3-6, £35 per person Level 7

Flower Girls Curls, including wash (up to age 10)  £20 per person (Stylist Levels 1-5 only)

Out of Salon

One Stylist plus an Assistant  £115 per hour

 Travel Expenses  – first 15 minutes free, thereafter £40 per hour

(Bank Holidays/Sundays charged Time and a Half)


The Trial Session is the ideal place to practice and discuss your ideas with the stylist. Once the style has been decided on, we will photograph you from all angles so that we have a record of your decision, and can replicate the style on your special day.

Please bring any hair ornaments and/or your veil with you .

On the night before, or early in the morning of your wedding, please wash your hair twice, only condition the ends of your hair, and completely dry before you arrive at the salon, or we arrive at the venue.

This is very important because if the hair is bone dry the style will last longer.

Also very important is to remember to wear a zip or button-through top so that the style is not ruined by pulling your top over your dressed hair!


All Trials to be paid in full on the day

50% deposit to be paid for the Wedding Day

Cancellation fee will be charged if cancelled two weeks before the wedding day

For more information or to book  please contact 01442 870061

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